Choosing the Right Clean: DIY vs. Professional Commercial Cleaning

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Wondering whether to grab the mop and get your office clean or hire the pros and sit back and relax? Here’s a breakdown you don’t want to miss.

1. Cost and Convenience

DIY: Penny-pinching is a virtue, but when the CEO moonlights as the janitor, productivity takes a nosedive. DIY, where cost meets chaos.

Professional: Yes, professionals come with a price tag, but envision this: while they work their cleaning magic, you focus on steering the business ship. Invest a bit more to save time, and in business, time is gold.

2. Expertise and Results

DIY: Your in-house custodial squad may have heart, but let’s be real – there’s an art to a gleaming office that pros have mastered. A polished workspace makes a powerful statement.

Professional: Professionals wield not just mops but a Ph.D. in shine. Your office isn’t just clean; it’s professionally curated for that wow factor.

3. Time Efficiency

DIY: Picture this – the whole office donning cleaning hats. Productivity plunges as your team swaps tasks. DIY is the acronym for ‘Delay In Your tasks.’

Professional: Professionals operate with a surgical precision that doesn’t disrupt the office symphony. Swift, silent, spotless – a trifecta that keeps your business humming.

4. Product Knowledge

DIY: The cleaning aisle at the local store feels like a maze. Choosing the right products becomes a blindfolded game of darts. Risky business.

Professional: Picture pros as cleaning connoisseurs armed with industry-grade artillery. No guessing – just the right firepower for a pristine office.

5. Health and Safety

DIY: DIY cleaning might unintentionally turn the office into a chemistry lab. Ventilation, masks – a cleaning routine turned hazardous.

Professional: Trained professionals bring not just cleanliness but safety expertise. No hazmat suits required; just a clean, hazard-free office.

6. Consistency and Frequency

DIY: Scheduling cleaning amid the chaos of office life? Consistency becomes a game of hide and seek.

Professional: Pros are the heartbeat of cleanliness – a consistent, rhythmic pulse. No more hide and seek; just reliable, scheduled cleanliness.


DIY hustle or pro finesse – it’s your office, your call. Time to decide which side of the cleanliness war you want to stand on. If you’re considering a leap to pro-level cleanliness, WESTMARK Facility Services dominates in Tulsa, OK with affordable, top-tier commercial cleaning – let the business shine begin. Reach out today!

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