Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services

Our commercial cleaning services will alleviate the stress of maintaining your facility. All services are customizable to your business needs and can be completed as a one-time job or on a routine schedule. Most importantly, WESTMARK does not require any type of contract and there are never cancellation periods.


WESTMARK provides services to a diverse group of facilities throughout Tulsa such as: manufacturing facilities, healthcare facilities, financial institutions, worship facilities, and office buildings. Additionally, we also deliver professional janitorial work and building maintenance services on a schedule tailored specifically to your needs. Obviously, quality is at the forefront of the work we do!


WESTMARK provides every type of hard floor maintenance needed to maintain the health and longevity of your facility’s flooring. We offer stripping and waxing vinyl flooring, polishing hard surface flooring, and machine scrubbing ceramic, stone, and concrete floor services. Customers are free to schedule routine floor care or a one-time cleaning. With this in mind, let our professionals help determine the right solution for your hard surface flooring!


WESTMARK offers varied methods of cleaning for carpeted areas. For heavily soiled carpets or restorative cleaning, we provide hot water extraction services, commonly referred to as steam cleaning. For routine carpet maintenance (or in between heavy cleanings), we provide bonnet shampooing and spot cleaning services to keep your carpeted floors looking like new. In addition, carpet protectors can be applied to carpet fibers as an additional service.


As an extra add-on service for our clients, WESTMARK can manage your inventory of paper products, hand soap, and can liners. We offer a variety of supplies to meet each customer’s needs. Similar to our other services, we tailor our work to your schedule. In other words, let WESTMARK worry about your facility’s inventory levels so you don’t have to!

Contact the WESTMARK team today to schedule your next commercial cleaning!