Why Your Business Needs A Professional Carpet Cleaning

Why Your Business Needs A Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Let’s face it: Running a business requires upkeep and effort that may not be in your scope of expertise, such as keeping your floors in good health. If your business has carpeted flooring, however, you may need to consider its upkeep more seriously! Carpet fibers trap dirt, bacteria, and odor all in one, impacting its look, feel, and longevity. Read on for why you should book a carpet cleaning by a professional!


Reason #1: Improvement

Carpet cleaning done by a professional means improvement from the moment the job begins! Here at WESTMARK, we treat our clients’ flooring with hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, as well as bonnet shampooing and spot cleaning for specific areas. These services deep clean the fibers of your carpet to improve its texture, odor, and overall health for years to come.

Carpet cleaning is also a restorative process, especially if you’ve recently moved the location of your business or want to fortify your flooring while everyone’s out of the office. Clean carpets also mean improved air quality indoors! Trust that whoever walks in after a carpet cleaning will see (and feel) an improved difference!


Reason #2: Prevention

Professional carpet cleaning is proven to prevent the accumulation and build-up of dirt, mold, mildew, and debris, which will eventually lead to noticeable odors, damage, and discoloration. If your facility has any amount of foot traffic, by humans and animals alike, a deep carpet treatment is the way to go. The standard recommendation is a deep cleaning every 6-12 months depending on your individual needs, as well as a need-be basis for everyday accidents.

Long story short, professional carpet cleaning is one of the best investments you can make to maintain the quality of your carpet!


Reason #3: Savings

Last but definitely not least, enlisting the help of a professional for your carpet cleaning needs saves you the time and labor it would take for you to get the job done on your own! The professionals, like those you’ll find here at WESTMARK, have the training, experience, and equipment to guarantee an effective carpet cleaning. Rather than risking the health of your flooring with a store-bought cleaner or replacing the whole thing out of neglect, professional carpet cleaning gives you more benefits than shortcomings!

WESTMARK Facility Services is the top professional cleaning service in the Tulsa, OK metropolitan area, offering affordable commercial cleaning and disinfecting services for our clients. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!

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